Scholars Link Consultancy and Management Service

Our Approach

Pragmatic, reliable and results-oriented. The Scholars Link Consulting Arm and its consulting approach is built upon these pillars.

We offer specialised management consultancy service for business and property management issues for hospitality, leisure- and health accommodation services within the Scholars Link Group.

We focus on development, consultancy and economic management for real estate operators. Whether boutique hostel, students apartment, serviced apartment or student campus residence – Scholars Link utilises nearly 10 years of reliable and documented expertise in business and education real estate business consultancy.

The spectrum of services offered by Scholars Link begins with location and market analysis. From there it ranges from project development services, market valuation reports, service optimisation and re-organisation to assisting management succession or redevelopment.

Strategic and operational advice bears fruit from the very beginning thanks to many years of extensive experience acquired in the successful management of various of in house projects.

With its wide range of services, Scholars Link can intervene at any point in supporting the value chain, or can also guide a hostel apartment business through its complete life cycle.

Scholars Link is your a reliable partner, for both companies and investors as well as lending banks. We will act at all times to ensure the highest quality and ethical standards.