Investing in a Scholars Residence Project

Scholars Residence Apartment and Brand

The Scholars Residence is a purpose-built, boutique student residence development in strategic locations in Singapore.

Why Invest in Scholars Residence?

Singapore is one of Asia most popular destinations for students: the total student/short trainee population in the city exceeds 300,000 annually. Meanwhile, the Singapore's EDB Economic Restructuring Committee report indicates that the city has a shortage of accommodation in which to house students outside of the University-operated halls.

Scholars Link will thus continually keep looking out for new premises, locations and business opportunities to develop and grow the Scholars Residence Apartment in Singapore and the region. We are focused on providing one-stop hospitality accommodation solutions in location that shows most promising growth.

We plan to continually increase our gross floor area by leasing and building new site for our accommodation facilities. So we are seeking for business partners and investors for our up-coming projects. Our potential investors can expect attractive R.O.I. from these future projects.

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